Beauty will save the world

This was Fyodor Dostovsky's quote that he wrote in one of his books from the 19th century when the aristocracy where devouring classical music, dancing valse and the romantic time in the art collection where at his highest. What would he say know?

The world is now more than ever in need of beauty.

“I like beautiful things that are well made. I even believe aesthetics are equivalent to ethics. Something that is beautiful is ethical, and unethical things aren't beautiful.” - Gianni Agnelli

The reason why beauty matters is that it speaks to the higher ideals of what humans can strive for. You can imagine Maslow's pyramide of hierarchies, on the very top is self-actualization. This is where beauty comes in, it allows the people to transcende their lowest levels into a place of spiritual benevolence and dignity. It shows that we're something more than just animals. Believing in beauty is believing that there's something more to the human life than just satisfying our ego through dopamine hits, sex etc.

As xxx described in the video "chase beauty"

"Beauty arrests because it points to something beyond the everyday. Beauty arrests because it hints at a realm of the sacred. Beauty arrests because it awakens the religious impulse in us."

You are given the opportunity to transcend yourself, to share the belief that you're more than just bones and flesh.

"I think, but rather to aesthetic bereavement, when you’re moved by something so beautiful that there’s almost a cognitive dissonance between what you’re beholding and what you know the average to be."

This is why the highest form of beauty is suffering. Because the only thing for something to be beautiful is have to end. Something that lasts forever will not be beautiful. It's only because it's able to counteract entropy in the fast sea of time that it's beautiful.

Just imagine a sculpture. You know it's beautiful because only the precise pieces of stone has been removed to create the statue. Like Michelangelo said when he created David "I just removed everything that was not him". If someone where to hit David with a sledgehammer it would no longer be beautiful, just pieces of rock. That is what makes it beautiful.

This is also the human condition and what gives meaning to our lives. The meaning of our lives is that it ends, that is why it's so beautiful. Hell on earth would knowing that you're immortal. Then nothing would matter, because you could do it a million times. It's only through scarcity that make it valuable.

The beautiful thing about there being suffering in beauty is also that it's beauty in suffering. Which means that it's a choice what you focus on. Since all beauty includes suffering; love includes heartbreak, a painting hints at the exception, classical music in contrast to rap. There will always be suffering with beautiful things, so you might ask? What is the point? Why should I pursue some vague idea of this thing that you call beauty, which will include a lot of suffering?

The reason, as David Schemtchenberger shared in the following poem:


I have had the experience countless times…making love, watching a sunset, listening to music, feeling the breeze…that I would sign up for this whole life and all of its pains, just to experience this exact moment.

This is a kind of wordless knowing. Its the most important and real truth I know: that experience itself is infinitely meaningful. And pain is temporary. And seen clearly, even the suffering is filled with beauty.

I have experienced countless lives worth of moments worthy of life. Such an unreasonable fortune. Grace.


Living through one of the moments of beauty makes the entire journey of hell worth it.

But on the other side, there is also possible to find beauty in suffering. For instance many cancer survivers say that even though they would never wish it to anybody they're actually glad that it happened to them. Maybe their connection with their family grew stronger, or they realized their life purpose when they were confronted with their own mortality. Surviving Jews from the Auswitch labour camps also share similar stories of beauty in the worst possible conditions for a human being.

So then there's a choice each individual have to make. Either you chose to see the suffering in all things, or you chose the beauty.

What you chose will determine your life.