Increase Intelligence

The premise of this article is to examine different scientific ways to increase general intelligence. There’s a lot of discussion of what will happen when an AI reaches the point of singularity when it can make improvements to its own system without humans understanding what it’s doing. If this is true, then it should also be true that the smartest humans alive have found ways to increase their intelligence, without “normal” people (read mass-media) understanding what they’re doing.

The importance of increasing your intelligence lies in the fact that the brain’s potential is the man’s potential. And as Lionel Trilling said “it’s a moral obligation to be intelligent” :)

What should be stressed before I explain the different methods and hacks is that true gain in intelligence can only come from one thing: compound interest. If you spend a greater portion of your day in competitive thinking, reading and discussing with great minds your brain will increase your intelligence.

Nobody really knows if it’s possible to expand your genetic potential of intelligence, but this is beyond the scope of this article. What this will cover is the ways in which you can improve the environment your brain is living in, introduce new stimulus so that your brain can get closer to your environmental factors. Because nobody could argue that they had a perfect life to maximize their intelligence gains, therefore it’s reasonable that you’ll experience gains in intelligence without even coming close to your genetic limit.

Dual-n Back

This is the most widely known brain training software that exist. Dave Asprey proposedely increased his IQ with 20 points using this software and there are also a ton of other testimonials and reviews. Gwern wrote an incredible article going into depth showing all of the pros and cons of this tool.

Image Streaming:

Imagine being able to lucid dream while you’re awake. This will severely enhance your visualization skills and improve the righ-left brain connection. Read this article if you’d like to have more information about it:

Memory Training

By using the correct techniques anyone can learn to do seemingly “impossible” feats with their memory. To learn more about this, you can read my notes here from MoonWalking with Einstein

Improve Mental Syntax

Your mental syntax is the way that your brain stores information. Recommended ways to improve this is by learning foreign languages, math and music. The common denominator between these is that the chain of knowledge required are long. For instance in math, you can’t skip a step, if you skip grade 7, it’ll be impossible for you to learn all subsequent grades.

Via Negative -> Remove Everything That Lowers Your IQ

The most common way that people lower their IQ is through indulging in low-effort inputs. I’ve written an article you can read here that explains the subtle ways these inputs influence your consciousness.

The other way people reduce their intelligence is through indulging in poor health habits. It’s difficult to engage in complex problems while you’re hungover or feel sluggish after eating junk food.

If you would remove all the things that make you dumb, you’ll see dramatic improvements in your intelligence.

Supplements & Drugs

There are a lot of supplements and drugs, so called nootropics, that promise improvements in intelligence. I have not tried any of them as I believe there to be other alternatives that don’t have as big potential negative exposure, but if you’re interested in learning more of different alternatives, just google “nootropics” and you’ll get millions of alternatives.

As I described in the introduction there are tons of new tricks and gimmicks that promise improvements in intelligence. I myself have noticed slight short-term improvements of doing some of these tasks, especially the dual-n-back game. But don’t let it side-track you from what really matters. I’ve seen people on Youtube who take Modafinil, wear a red-light helmet, do brain games for 2 hours, use special incense, and it might help, but they’re not respecting the lindy principle. 

As the common saying; the older the problem the older the solution. And people have for the last 2000 years been tinkering about how to increase their intelligence. The common denominator between all of them seems to be: reading, thinking, writing and discussing. These 4 are the fundamentals of intelligence and acquiring wisdom. So it’s really as simple of just compounding these 4 activities for a longer time than other people, and you’ll end up getting smarter than them.

Because at the end of the day “intelligence is just if you’re able to get what you want in life”. And most people would rather choose living a successful life than ending up as combination of a human wikipedia and calculator.