Relationships are the highest form of art

Here's the interesting dichotomy between friendships and romantic relationships. With friendships you can have specific relationships, so you're not confronted with how alone and unique you as a person are. You have specific friends that you speak about sports, other you discuss business and other you use for philosophical discussions. It almost impossible to have people that you can share everything with, because you're bubble is so large and on so many different things, so it's almost impossible to find people that share the same bubble. So you walk around and find people that have similar type of needs like yourself. Wether it be a specific sport or you want business associates. Whatever it may be, you have different niches that fulfill parts of your life. And seen over all you may have 10 different friends, covering 15 different needs, with some overlap and mixup.

When it comes to love and romantic relationships, you're not looking for someone to fill almost all of these shoes. In addition can be passionated and romantical emotions with. That's why it's so incredible difficult, because you're confronted with how lonely we are. And the true uniqueness of each person. We're the combination of our genes and all of our inputs after this point. All the experiences, the books, the relationships. Everything has created the man/woman that you are today. That is really what you're longing for in relationships, for someone to see You with a capital Y. Not the persona or character you pretend to be. But someone who can see the person you're trying to be, and can understand why you're trying to be it. And can see how you fall short, can see how you're trying and the entire thing. That can truly see everything and be okay with it. That is what is true good sincere and honest friendships. Without this is quite pointless.

Why would you want to have friends just to go to the club with. For me this is not really friends. For me relationships between two people is to create a connection that revives your hope in human relation, and give you an momentarily moment of connection. All relationships like this must be nurtured and cultivated, as they're the most beautiful thing that exist in the human journey. No art work, piece of music or statue will ever come close for you to feel the same thing. This is what beauty does, it shows you that you're not alone with the same thoughts of longing for something greater. It's the same quote that is in the documentary "why beauty matters" that a world that has space for a nice pair of shoes, nice paintings and nice arcitechture as also place for me. It brings comfort in this message. This is the value of art. And when one can consider how valuable art is, the. value of human connection is like art in real life. A deep human connection is like a living masterpiece that the greatest artist like Michelangelo and Da Vinci only have tried to capture, but only got close to capture the essence. They have never been able to capture the essence of it. Because it can only be experiences.