Sincere desires don't have a logical explanation

This is one idea I've been thinking of lately, that if you have a logical answer to something you shouldn't do it. If you can explain to someone exactly why you're doing it, you shouldn't really be doing it. If someone asks you why you're working out, you don't start listing off the logical reasons for why it's beneficial like lowering blood pressure, body fat etc. You just shrug your shoulders, say: "I don't know" - I just enjoy it. Or you use other words like "I've just always liked it" etc. This is sincere. I can only look back on myself, is that when I'm doing things just for their own sake I don't really understand why I'm doing it, it just feels right.

This might be another compass you can use for yourself to figure out the spots in reality to pursue. It's not really about pursuing something, it's more about allowing your natural intuition to guide you. Because similarly to Jordan Peterson explained, that your attention and interest is your future higher self manifesting itself in the present moment and there is no reason for highly creative people that there self-awarness should evolve as rapid as your higher self is manifesting in the present moment. So there's no reason to fear if you feel pulled somewhere if you don't understand the reason, because you can trust in faith that everything will turn out well.

If you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up. You'll see excitement in their eyes as they scream out "astronauts", "soccer player", "president" etc. Then something happens once the ego start forming and the child begins to feel pressured into a specific line. If you ask a high school graduate what the person wants to study, the person will not light up in enthusiasm and say "I want to become an astronaut". Most likely the reply will more subdued, like giving answer to a math problem. "I've chosen to get a Bachelor in business, and afterwards I will get a Master in law. This will set me up to get an internship at a prestigious law firm in New York, and afterwards I will transition to investment banking." It's cold and logical and almost too 'right' to be true. Sure, it's safe and you will always have food on the table, BUT, for those few of us that have an adventurous spirit, it might break it to always do what's logical makes most sense.

So this is an invitation to follow what your heart truly desires and become one with the light inside of you. (whatever this means to you :) )

I'll leave you with this quote from Franz Kafka:

"Don't bend; don't water it down; don't try to make it logical; don't edit your own soul according to the fashion. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions mercilessly."